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Reviews Reviews ThreatFire 4.5

October 14, 2009: reviewed ThreatFire 4.5 and had these great comments:

  • "ThreatFire is designed to run with a minimum of bother and a very light system footprint."
  • "In fact we barely even noticed it was running at all."
  • "…gives you full coverage, …and really is a quality addition to your PC's defence."
  • "ThreatFire proves itself most worthy."
Read the full review here, all quotes from, October, 14, 2009.

PC World Reviews ThreatFire 4.5

August 24, 2009: In their recent review of ThreatFire 4.5, PC World states, “It's hard not to be impressed with such stellar performance.” and “…we recommend Threatfire as a strong extra layer of defense.”

PC Magazine Reviews ThreatFire 4.5

May 22, 2009: Neil Rubenking of PC Magazine reviews ThreatFire 4.5 and reveals he uses ThreatFire himself on his main work system. He says, “It's a fine, free addition to your security arsenal—I use it myself.” Read the whole article here.

ThreatFire Wins German PC Magazin Award

August 1, 2008: German magazine PC Magazin reviewed ThreatFire v. 3.5 in their August issue and awarded it a high rating of “good.” To read the review in German, visit PC Magazin’s web-site at

ThreatFire Scores High in PC World Review

May 12, 2008: In their recent review PC World awarded ThreatFire a “Very Good” score of 87. The reviewer stated that ThreatFire “blocks an impressive number of threats through behavior-based analysis” and that its “performance was outstanding.”

ThreatFire Awarded Second Editors’ Choice Award by PC Magazine

May 8, 2008: ThreatFire was again awarded the prestigious PC Magazine Editors’ Choice award for its latest version ThreatFire 3.5. In his review, editor Neil Rubenking states that ThreatFire received a perfect score—10 out of 10 points—when detecting malware samples. He states, “No other product tested with this particular collection of malware has scored that high.” He goes on to state, “You can't go wrong adding this free tool to your existing signature-based protection.”

ThreatFire Free named to PC World's "101 Fantastic Freebies" list

March 24, 2008: ThreatFire Free was honored in the May 2008 issue of PC World as one of the "101 Fantastic Freebies". "If you're looking for maximum system protection, particularly against rootkits that can hide themselves from many pieces of anti-virus software, give ThreatFire AntiVirus a try."

Maximum PC Reviews New Breed of Security Applications

February 7, 2008: In the "Internet Security 2.0" article in their February 2008 issue Maximum PC magazine reviews ThreatFire along with several other security products. They call ThreatFire "Better than the competition - and free!" and "...the sole standout."

PC Magazine Awards ThreatFire Prestigious Editor's Choice Award

October 2, 2007: In his recent review of ThreatFire v. 3.0 where ThreatFire received the Editors' Choice Award for non-signature anti-malware, Neil Rubenking of PC Magazine states that "ThreatFire 3's ability to block installation of malware strictly by identifying bad behavior is phenomenal. It did a better (and faster) job than Norton AntiBot and even beat out Spy Sweeper, our current Editors' Choice for signature-based antispyware."

PC Magazine Reviews Cyberhawk v. 2.0

January 16, 2007: In his recent review of Cyberhawk v. 2.0, Neil Rubenking of PC Magazine states that Cyberhawk "did a great job of keeping the system clean" and describes Cyberhawk as "full-powered zero-day protection — a good addition to your security menagerie."

Tech Support Alert Compares Six Anti-malwares

November 16, 2006: Gizmo at Tech Support Alert posted an in-depth comparison of six anti-malware programs, including Cyberhawk. He recommends Cyberhawk as "a useful additional layer of protection and is a perfect companion for a good signature based security product."

Renowned Independent Antivirus Testing Organization Tests Cyberhawk

October 31, 2006: posts a new report entitled "Comparative of various technologies to protect against malware" in which Cyberhawk is tested alongside several other behavior blocking, HIPS, sandbox and virtualization technologies.

Click here to download the PDF version of the report.

Avoid Viruses and Phishing Scams, PC World

February 15, 2006: Steve Bass of PC World writes in this article that "Free Cyberhawk Promises to Outwit Viruses."

Cyberhawk Discussed on Computer America.

January 30, 2006: Cyberhawk is discussed in detail on Craig Crossman's Computer America Radio Show. Listen to the show by clicking on the MP3 files below.

Hour 1 Hour 2

Customer Testimonials

Excellent product. Runs smooth, light, quiet & doesn't interfere with other security apps. Kudos!! --...screamer

(ThreatFire) was not a resource hog when it was running...It quietly ran in the background, just doing its job... --Jim Hamm

Cyberhawk has worked quietly in the background without any problems at all. It questions all suspicious activities. Whenever I run a virus scan or look for spyware I never seem to have a problem thanks to Cyberhawk…I highly recommend Cyberhawk to anyone. You cannot have too much protection!
--Chris Lewis

ThreatFire is by far the most non-invasive and simplest to master security software that I have found. --Edward Cross, Denver, CO

My computer is safer from malware and other evil-doers with ThreatFire running in the background. --inez, Longmont, CO

A friend of mine had an identical set-up on her computer except she did not have Cyberhawk. One day while we were chatting in an instant messenger she and I both received a link in our chat windows. She thought it was from me and I thought it was from her. When she clicked the link it attacked her anti-virus software completely erasing all her anti-virus program files. I on the other hand was alerted by Cyberhawk that a suspicious activity that could be malicious may happen if I let the activity proceed. I immediately had it stopped by Cyberhawk and saved my anti-virus program. Needless to say my friend now has Cyberhawk on her computer and I am grateful I have it on mine.
--William E. Boley

I tried Cyberhawk because I read a recommendation of Steve Bass's Tips and Tweaks Avoid Viruses and Phishing Scams, at PC World 02/08/2006. Cyberhawk was able to kill a particular stubborn virus that Symantec could not (I do not remember its name).
--(Mr.) M.A. Yepez, Lima, Peru

Great product. Looking forward to future versions. --S. R.

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